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We were inspired by The Binding of Isaac and created this dungeon crawler art pack. 

What is inside:

PNG+PSD files for :

  1. Player Character
  2. 3 Level rooms
  3. 3 types of animated monster
  4. some misc items to make your game fancier!


  1. Classic Sprite Animation(Player Character + all monsters);
  2. Spine Animation+ Spine Project ;

Other Stuff:

  1. Unity Test Project with some basic character movement, where everything is sorted and Prefabed  :D

We have more shiny things. You can check them on our website: 


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Dungeon Crawler v2.unitypackage 103 MB
PNG.zip 1 MB
PSD.zip 7 MB
Spine Projects.zip 1 MB
healthpack_update.zip 109 kB
Animation sprites.zip 133 MB


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Hi awesome pack :). Are the animations also available as sprite sheet or single frames? Or did I not see them. I don't own spine at the moment ^^


Hi there, thank you! They should be available in both options, probably I forgot to take them out from Unity Project, give me a moment I will upload sprite sheets.

thanks so much that is so kind of you :) 


I have added Animation sprites.zip with all sprite animations and sprite sheets. Please note that sprite sheets use original sprite sizes, if you plan to build your game for mobile I recommend using half/quarter sizes, sorry for the inconvenience :) 

Thanks so much that's perfect. I really love that clean style :) 

I want to ask if i can use these assets to make a full on binding of isaac game. And if so if you want any credit somewhere in the game or somewhere else.

Hey! Sure you can use this asset to create a game like the binding of Isaac :) If you will put a credit that art was created by Moon Tribe studio we will be very pleased!

Thanks and good luck with your project

I will do that for sure. One last question if the maker of the assets has time for it or is willing to do it could he make a heart assets for this pack "https://bindingofisaacrebirth.gamepedia.com/Hearts_(Pickup)" i would really love something like that but its just an idea ;). Thanks for allowing me to use you assets.

hmm I think it won't be a problem, he's working on a new asset pack now but hearts should not take much time.

Things are ready will add them in the next fed days :)

thank you very much I appreciate the hard work <3. I hope you and your crew are having a good time in these hard days. Stay healthy.

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Thanks mate, same to you, stay safe and healthy and of course have fun) update is now live you can find files in this archive healthpack_update.zip

nice graphics! any license?

it is CC0 but if you can put attribution anywhere in your project it would be great and we will be very thankful ^^